Chiller Assembling & Maintenance Service

Leading integrated technology achieves better system performance and cost competitiveness.

The assembly eliminates several separate pipes and refrigerant plumbing connections. The refrigerant connections are pre-assembled on the assembly and leak checked before shipping from Arman Refrigeration.

Engineered systems of any kind need planned maintenance to ensure peak performance

From the smallest air conditioning split system to multi-site, multi-chiller installations, a maintenance contract should be taken out. Carrier offers a carefully managed service partnership to ensure that you get exactly the service solution that suits your needs.

Maintenance Schedule
Basic Steps for Optimized Performance
1. Inspect the chiller quarterly
2. Routinely check for refrigerant leaks
3. Confirm compressor operating pressures are within a reasonable range
4. Check all motor voltages & amps
5. Check all electrical starters, contractors and relays
6. Check all hot gas and unloader operations
7. To reach maximum efficiency, use superheat and sub-cooling temperature readings
8. Line readings from Discharge lines should also be obtained
For a custom maintenance schedule for your specific product, please contact a Arman Refrigeration representative and they will be happy to discuss our maintenance packages with you.